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Version 1.1

By Andrew P Cerri


The fourth installment in the turn-based strategy game published by 3DO 
and New World Computing, Heroes of Might and Magic IV is similar to the 
earlier Heroes versions in many ways, but has been highly modified to 
give a brand new feeling.

Because of the magnitude of this game, this project is still in the 
works, and will be updated regularly as I see fit. Please keep the 
comments, additions, suggestions to a minimum, but are apprectiated.


This is copyrighted 2002 - Andrew Cerri.
I have put much work into this walkthrough, and consider any misuse of 
this material a breach of copyright law, as this FAQ is my intellectual 
property. Postings of this guide are prohibited without explicit 
consent of the owner. Web sites that are given permission agree to 
leave it unaltered, and the author will be alerted of any subsequent 
postings. I will always submit new versions to GameFAQS 
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Ver 1.1
Revised Artifact Section
Revised Campaign Guide Section
Added Tips and Strategies Section
Added Elwin and Shaera (Nature) campaign walkthrough

Table of Contents======================================================

A.	Class Guide
i.	Beginner Jobs and Skills
ii.	Advanced Jobs, Combinations, and Special Abilities
iii.	Expert Job

B.	Tips and Strategies
i)    Town Development
ii)   Caravans
iii)  Using Heroes Effectively
iv)   Kicking Arse in Battle

C.	Artifact List
i.	Weapons
ii.	Ranged Weapons
iii.	Armor
iv.	Shields
v.	Footwear
vi.	Miscellaneous
vii.	Neckpieces
viii.	Rings
ix.	Headpieces
x.	Magic Arrows

D.	Campaign Guide
i.	Half Dead (death)
ii.	Elwin and Shaera (nature)

A) Class Guide=========================================================

All heroes start out with one primary skill and one secondary skill 
(except for Barbarians, who start out with one primary and two 
secondary skills to make up for lack of magic). This allows a maximum 
of five primary skills and 15 secondary skills. Beginner jobs have no 
special abilities, but by learning two skill levels in any two skills, 
you can promote your hero to new job classes with special abilities.

i) Beginner Jobs and Skills

All beginner heroes recruited from taverns begin with the following 
primary skills, the tavern availability is as follows:

                                   The lines correspond to cross town
      /---ORDER---\                affinities, meaning the taverns in
     /             \               each of the towns will have heroes
    /               \              from friendly towns (ie: Necropolis
   /      MIGHT      \             will have Lords, Mages, Sorcerers,
LIFE                DEATH          Thiefs, along with Death Knights and
  \                   /            Necromancers for hire)
   \                 /             
    \               /              Affinity also allows construction of
    NATURE-------CHAOS             appropriate Mage school annexes.
                                   Stronghold (Might) taverns have all 
                                   Might class heroes available.

Might Hero Classes                 Magic Hero Classes
------------------                 ------------------
Knight (life) Tactics              Priest (life) Life Magic
Death Knight (death) Tactics       Necromancer (death) Death Magic
Thief (chaos) Scouting             Sorcerer (chaos) Chaos Magic
Archer (nature) Combat             Druid (nature) Nature Magic
Lord (order) Nobility              Mage (order) Order Magic
Barbarian (might) Combat

ii) Advanced Jobs, Combinations, and Special Abilities

Advanced jobs can give heroes substantial advantages over beginner 
jobs, increasing skills, combat modifiers, and give heroes innate spell 
abilities.  I have marked the better jobs as per their abilities.

**Tactics**     --Very beneficial, gives army upper-hand
+ Combat        General         +1 morale for friends
+ Scouting      Field Marshal   +10 melee/range damage for friends*
+ Nobility      Lord Commander  +2 morale for friends*
+ Life Magic    Crusader        Max morale for hero** 
                                best warrior hero, especially w/ regen
+ Order Magic   Illusionist     +20% for Illusion spells
+ Death Magic   Reaver          Auto-Bloodlust
+ Chaos Magic   Pyromancer      Auto-Fire Shield
+ Nature Magic  Warden          +10% melee/range defense for friends*

**Combat**      --Good for all heroes - allows more combat flexibility
+ Tactics       General         +1 morale for friends
+ Scouting      Ranger          +5 range attack
+ Nobility      Warlord         +5 melee attack
+ Life Magic    Paladin         Auto-Death Ward
+ Order Magic   Battle Mage     +20% damage to Magic Fist and Ice Bolt
                                spells, learns Magic Fist*
+ Chaos Magic   Fireguard       Immunity to fire spells, half damage 
                                from fire attacks
+ Death Magic   Assassin        +3 move and speed*
+ Nature Magic  Beastmaster     +20% Summon Wolf spell

**Scouting**    --Good for secondary hero - resource gathering
+ Tactics       Field Marshal   +10% melee/range attack for friends*
+ Combat        Ranger          +5 range attack
+ Nobility      Guildmaster     Stun attack
+ Life Magic    Prophet         Auto-Spiritual Armor
+ Order Magic   Seer            +2 scouting radius*
+ Death Magic   Ninja           Poison attack
+ Chaos Magic   Fire Diviner    +20% all fire spell damage
+ Nature Magic  Bard            Max luck for hero

**Nobility**    --Great skill, gives large competitive growth advantage
+ Tactics       Lord Commander  +2 morale for friends*
+ Combat        Warlord         +5 melee attack
+ Scouting      Guildmaster     Stun attack
+ Life Magic    Cardinal        +5% resurrection skill*
+ Order Magic   Wizard King     Melee attack causes max negative luck
+ Death Magic   Dark Lord       Sorrow attack
+ Chaos Magic   Witch King      Fear attack
+ Nature Magic  Beast Lord      +20% Summon Wolf and Summon White Tiger 

**Life Magic**  --Healing and protective spells
+ Tactics       Crusader        Max morale for hero**
                                best warrior hero, especially w/ regen
+ Combat        Paladin         Auto-Death Ward
+ Scouting      Prophet         Auto-Spiritual Armor
+ Nobility      Cardinal        +5% resurrection skill*
+ Order Magic   Monk            Auto-Chaos Ward
+ Death Magic   Dark Priest     Auto-Vampiric Touch
+ Chaos Magic   Heretic         Ignores effect of Ward spells
+ Nature Magic  Summoner        +20 experience points/day to Summoning 

**Order Magic** --Wide range of spells, mostly combat effectors
+ Tactics       Illusionist     +20% to Illusion spells
+ Combat        Battle Mage     +20% damage to Magic Fist and Ice Bolt 
                                spells, learns Magic Fist*
+ Scouting      Seer            +2 scouting radius*
+ Nobility      Wizard King     Melee attack causes max negative luck
+ Life Magic    Monk            Auto-Chaos Ward
+ Death Magic   Shadow Mage     Auto-Blur
+ Chaos Magic   Wizard          SpellPoint cost minus 2 for all spells* 
+ Nature Magic  Enchanter       +20% to all Summon and Illusion spells*

**Death Magic** --Negative combat modifiers, raising, and death spells
+ Tactics       Reaver          Auto-Bloodlust
+ Combat        Assassin        +3 move and speed*
+ Scouting      Ninja           Poison attack
+ Nobility      Dark Lord       Sorrow attack
+ Life Magic    Dark Priest     Auto-Vampiric Touch
+ Order Magic   Shadow Mage     Auto-Blur
+ Chaos Magic   Lich            Age attack
+ Nature Magic  Demonologist    +50 HP to all Demon Summoning Spells, 
                                plus free Summon Demon spells at 
                                matching skill level ups**

**Chaos Magic** --Heavy damage and combat modifier spells (both sides)
+ Tactics       Pyromancer      Auto-Fire Shield
+ Combat        Fireguard       Immunity to fire spells, half damage 
                                from fire attacks
+ Scouting      Fire Diviner    +20% all fire spell damage
+ Nobility      Witch King      Fear attack
+ Life Magic    Heretic         Ignore effect of Ward spells
+ Order Magic   Wizard          Spell Point cost minus 2 for all 
                                spells, min 1*
+ Death Magic   Lich            Age attack
+ Nature Magic  Warlock         +10 SP, +1 SP regeneration

**Nature Magic**--Summon creature and few combat modifiers spells
+ Tactics       Warden          +10% melee/range defense for friends*
+ Combat        Beastmaster     +20% Summon Wolf spells
+ Scouting      Bard            Max luck for hero
+ Nobility      Beast Lord      +20% Summon Wolf and Summon White Tiger 
+ Life Magic    Summoner        +20 experience points/day to Summoning 
+ Order Magic   Enchanter       +20% to all Summon and Illusion spells*
+ Death Magic   Demonologist    +50 HP to all Demon Summoning Spells, 
                                plus free Summon Demon spells at 
                                matching skill level ups**
+ Chaos Magic   Warlock         +10 SP, +1 SP regeneration

iii) Expert Job, Combination, and Special Abilities

There is only one expert job in this game, the mighty Archmage!***
You can promote your hero to this job by gaining two skill levels in 
three different schools of magic (ie: chaos, death, and nature)
The Archmage's special ability is +20% effectiveness on all spells!

B) Tips and Strategies=================================================

i) Developing Towns

Primarily your means of creature production and income, the 6 
variations of towns in HOMM4 offer many other strategic benefits.

Each town has a tavern (when available) that enables the player to 
recruit beginner heroes (Specific hero availability mentioned in class 
guide section). Towns also contain structures that power-up heroes or 
provide them with item-level artifacts and potions from the blacksmith. 
Use these structures to your advantage, especially for guardian heroes 
when your more powerful hero is away doing battle.

The first step in any town development is to build a City Hall. Gold is 
very scarce, and in very high demand. Level 3 and 4 creature farms are 
extremely expensive (6K - 14K), and usually have costly pre-requisites 
to boot.  For example, to build a Griffon farm, which costs 6500, you 
need to build a protective Citadel first, which costs 7500! That's 
14000 gold, about equal to the average starting purse.

I wouldn't recommend spending valuable gold on Citadels and Castles, 
unless the specific town plays a strong strategic role, has to do with 
a scenario goal, or is under constant barrage by powerful foes. The 
main advantage of the Citadel/Castle is for range units, which can do 
full damage while only taking quarter damage from foes outside the 
walls. If the enemy does break through the gate, any friend will remain 
at a higher ground advantage, but allowing hand-to-hand combat.

Try to focus on building up creature production as quickly as possible. 
It should be your main goal upon acquiring any new town, unless you 
already have a substantial army of one alignment (mixing alignments in 
your armies will decrease their morale) and your new town doesn't match

ii) Caravans

Possible the sweetest addition to HOMM4 (besides participating heroes), 
as they will allow you to quickly (30 move/day) send your armies all 
over the world map. The number of armies is limited on the world map to 
8, so the caravan feature helps facilitate huge empires by sending 
armies invisibly. Every town can build one (when enabled in map 
options), and should be built as soon as more towns are conquered. To 
send from one town to another, both require caravans. Caravans can also 
buy and receive creatures from flagged creature farms, reducing the 
need to keep someone around each individual farm. Caravans need a clear 
path to deliver the goods, so each new month, your supply lines will 
probably get blocked in one way or another.

iii) Using Heroes Effectively

My personal style has always leaned towards Magic heroes, but on a 
smaller map, a Might hero is more effective because it takes so long 
for Magic heroes to show their potential, and insanely long to reach 
their full potential, which is awesome indeed. 

Nature Magic users will be able to summon hordes of nasty creatures 
that are basically cannon fodder, as their losses don't count into your 
battle statistics. Same with Demon Summons. Order Mages can quickly 
turn the flow of battle, but require a bit more personal skill. Chaos 
mages simply blow the schmit out of anyone in sight, while Life and 
Death magics can sustain even a weak army in the face of a much 
stronger opponent. However, they do so oppositely. Life keeps your 
units going strong, while Death turns the enemy against itself. 

So, you want your Magic hero to move into an advanced job that will 
complement his otherwise lacking abilities. Jobs that add permanent 
spell effects are lame in my opinion, because it only takes one move to 
copy that effect. While other jobs mimic rare artifacts or amplify 
frequently used abilities, making them much more effective and useful. 
In the above section, I have asterisked the jobs I found to be best. 

If you choose the path of the Might hero, you'd be stupid not to go 
down the Crusader (Tactics and Life Magic) path, as it is a serious 
killing machine. Play the Manifestations scenario (which I recommend to 
all newbies), and you'll see how unstoppable he really is! Especially 
when coupled with the Regeneration spell - you can do serious damage, 
and recover within moments, it is nigh invincible. 

But if you are limited by what's given to you (or you don't like 
playing those Life goody-two shoes), be careful when throwing a warrior 
hero into the fray. Always have a Potion of Immortality on hand (can't 
tell you how many times it's saved my bacon!), and be sure to invest at 
every blacksmith you come across, items DO make a difference! 

Tactics is a great skill, as it will give all your units a competitive 
advantage. Given equal armies, heroes, and prowess, the side with 
greater Tactics will always win. Not only do you get to act first, but 
you can move further, hit harder, and take less damage. One quick note, 
leadership is almost utterly useless for Death armies (especially for 
the undead units) as they are unaffected by morale (which happens to be 
one of the most important aspects of the game) being the mindless and 
bloodthirsty creatures they are. 

All heroes should have Combat Skill, to keep them from getting wasted 
too easily. Always go for power-ups as quickly as possible. On large 
maps or campaigns, always take experience instead of gold from treasure 
chests, as every little bit of experience counts. Also, in campaigns, 
the argument for giving you main hero Nobility is about half and half. 
Sure, the extra money and resources are good, but you end up spending 
it all on creatures, (which I rarely use, I'm quite the summoning buff) 
and take up valuable space for another skill which could give you the 
competitive advantage. If you aren't focusing on Magic (stupid), then 
it would be a good idea as the extra space would be available, but 
Heroes 4 is ALL about the magic in my humble opinion.

iv) Kicking Arse in Battle

Wow, when I first played HOMM4, I couldn't win battles for the life of 
me. Getting to know the intricacies of this new style of battlefield 
take at least an hour of solid of gameplay, for the seasoned Heroes 
player, more for a newbie. In the previous HOMMs, it was straight 2D, 
but in HOMM4, it is sorta a 3/4 perspective, making some units with 
high mobility able to cross all the way over in some positions, and not 
so in others. For example, a Sprite positioned in the front row, far 
left cannot reach anyone in your army in one turn, but first row, far 
right CAN! Recognize this and plan accordingly!

Also, the computer will rearrange enemy troops during the process of 
starting up the battle screen. It may seem random, but it will match to 
how many units you have in your own army. So if you have just one hero, 
and you fight 80 Imps, they'll all be in one stack. But if you have a 
hero and 50 Crossbowmen, the Imps will split into two groups of 40. 
Weird huh? You can use this to your advantage, especially against foes 
with innate magical skills. With Water Elementals, you don't want your 
troops split up so they can cast Fatigue on your entire army! 

Always attack enemies with No Retaliation abilities first, preferably 
with ranged attacks (no ranged enemies have No Retaliation) so as to 
not lose the advantage of counter-attack. First strike is great, as it 
will ultimately reduce the amount of damage done if you are able to 
knock off a couple enemy troops, if not kill them outright. 

When sieging enemy towns, always kill off the archers first, preferably 
with spells to avoid the massive differential in combat modifier. The 
enemy probably won't send out his troops until his gate is destroyed, 
so plan and arrange your forces as such. If you have Summon spells, use 
them to crash the gate, then have the rest of your forces lying in wait 
once the enemy tries to rush you. Send inconsequential units to the 
walls to attract enemies, as they can strike through the walls. Then 
use your own archers to snipe at them. Oh yeah, when a ranged attacker 
is right next to one of your units, and is hit by your archers, they 
cannot retaliate with a ranged attack, sweet huh, goes both ways. 
Always take out heroes first, especially magic users, as magic can 
quickly turn the tide of battle. Try not to send your heroes in first, 
unless they're totally macking and have some serious Combat skill.

C) Artifact List=======================================================


I: item             M: Major
T: treasure         R: Relic
m: Minor            U: Unique

i) Weapons

I-Longsword: +3 melee attack
I-Greatsword: +13 melee attack; both hands
m-Angel's Blade: +3 melee attack/defense; +50% against death units for  
m-Giant Slayer: +3 melee attack/defense; 2x damage level 4 creatures
M-Flaming Sword: +3 melee attack/defense; +30 fire damage + 3/level of 
M-Sword of Swiftness: +6 melee attack/defense; extra melee attack
M-Soul Stealer: +3 melee attack/defense; auto-Vampiric Touch
R-Sword of the Gods: +3 melee attack/defense; +50% damage for friends
I-Axe: +8 melee attack; -1 move 
m-Halbred of the Swiftwatch: +25 melee attack; speed +2; negate 1st 
                             strike; both hands; strike 2 yards away
M-Axe of Legends: +8 melee attack; +40% melee/range damage for friends
R-Bull Rune Axe: +50 melee attack
T-Dwarven Hammer: +10 melee attack 
M-Crusader's Mace: +20% melee/range attack for friends
R-Thunder Hammer: +8 melee attack; +70 lightning damage +7/level of 
                  hero; both hands
M-Tynan's Dagger of Despair: Sorrow-strike

ii) Ranged Weapons

I-Longbow: +5 range attack
m-Nomad Blackbow: +20 range attack
M-Emerald Longbow: +30 range attack
R-Horned Bow: +50 range attack
R-Bow of the Elf King: +5 range attack; +1 shot per range attack for 
T-War Sling: +10 range attack
T-David's Sling: +50% range attack/2x damage level 4 creatures for 
I-Crossbow: +3 range attack; no range penalties
m-Sniper's Crossbow: +3 range attack; no range penalty for hero and 
m-Valder's Crossbow of Sloth: +5 range attack; Slow-strike
m-Barbarian Throwing Club: +5 melee/range attack; stuns enemy
m-Throwing Spear: +8 melee/range attack
M-Spear of the Centaur: +8 melee/range attack; no hand-to-hand penalty 
                        for ranged friends
iii) Armor

I-Leather: +5 melee/range defense
I-Chain Mail: +8 melee/range defense; -1 move; +1 SP cost
I-Platemail: +10 melee/range defense; -2 move; +2 SP cost
T-Elven Chain: +10 melee/range defense
m-Golden Plate Armor: +25 melee/range defense; +1 SP cost
M-Brimstone Breastplate: +20 melee/range defense; auto-fire shield
M-Breastplate of Regeneration: +20 melee/range defense; +20 HP 
M-Scale Mail of Strength: +10 melee/range defense; +10 melee/range 
M-Dragon Scale Armor: +25 melee/range defense; auto-fire resistance
M-Gryphonheart's Plate Mail: +30 melee/range defense
M-Armor of Order: +20 melee/range defense; chaos-ward
M-Armor of Chaos: +20 melee/range defense; order-ward
M-Armor of Death: +20 melee/range defense; life-ward
M-Armor of Life: +20 melee/range defense; death-ward
M-Unnatural Armor: +20 melee/range defense; nature-ward
R-Adamantine Armor: +50 melee/range defense

iv) Shields

I-Shield: +3 melee/range defense
T-Dwarven Shield: +20% melee/range defense for friends; +3 melee/range 
                  defense for hero
m-Steadfast Shield: +30% melee/range defense for friends; +3 
                    melee/range defense for hero
M-Lion Shield of Courage: +40% melee/range defense for friends; +3 
                          melee/range defense for hero
M-Shield of Chaos: +30% melee/range defense, order ward for friends; +3 
                   melee/range defense for hero
M-Shield of Order: +30% melee/range defense, chaos ward for friends; +3 
                   melee/range defense for hero
M-Death Shield: +30% melee/range defense, life ward for friends; +3 
                melee/range defense for hero
M-Life Shield: +30% melee/range defense, death ward for friends; +3 
               melee/range defense for hero
M-Unnatural Shield: +30% melee/range defense, nature ward for friends; 
                    +3 melee/range defense for hero
M-Dragon Scale Shield: +30% melee/range defense for friends; +3 
                       melee/range defense for hero
R-Adamantine Shield: +50% melee/range defense for friends; +3 
                     melee/range defense for hero
U-Breeze the Falcon: +2 scouting radius (not really a shield, but uses 
                     shield position) - unique to Elwin/Shaera campaign

v) Footwear

m-Snowshoes: No move penalty on snow terrain
m-Boots of the Crocodile: No move penalty on swamp terrain
m-Fireproof Boots: No move penalty on lava terrain
m-Sandwalking Sandals: No move penalty on sand terrain
m-Surefooted Boots: No move penalty on rough terrain
M-Boots of Travel: +50% move on land
M-Boots of the Explorer: No move penalties on any terrain
M-Winged Sandals: +2 move for friends

vi) Miscellaneous

I-Mage Staff: -1 SP cost for all spells
M-Saint Rainan's Staff: Double yield on all healing spells; +20% 
                        resurrection skill; both hands
M-Staff of Power: Reduce SP cost by 1/3, min 1 SP; both hands
M-Staff of Death: -50% SP cost for Death spells, min 1 SP; both hands
M-Mayhem Staff: Double damage on all Chaos spells; both hands
M-Staff of Summoning: -50% SP cost on all Summoning spells, min 1 SP
M-Staff of Wizardry: -50% SP cost for Order spells, min 1 SP; both 
I-Telescope: +1 scouting radius
T-Viewing Crystal: +2 Scouting radius
T-Sextant: +50% sea move
T-Crystal of Memory: All units immune to forgetfulness
T-Badge of Courage: +1 morale for friends
T-Crest of Valor: +1 morale for friends
m-Medal of Honor: +2 morale for friends
T-Horseshoe: +1 luck for friends
T-Gambler's Deck: +1 luck for friends
T-Four Leaf Clover: +1 luck for friends
M-Maranthea's Mug: +3 luck for friends
T-Purse of Gold: +250 gold/day
T-Bag of Gold: +500 gold/day
m-Sack of Gold: +750 gold/day
T-Cart of Ore: +2 ore/day
T-Cart of Lumber: +2 wood/day
m-Brazier of Sulfur: +1 sulfur/day
m-Crystal Figurine: +1 crystal/day
m-Gem Casket: +1 gem/day
m-Flask of Mercury: +1 mercury/day
T-Cloak of Warding: 30% magic resistance
m-Cloak of Distraction: Hero's army ignores area threat of enemy armies
m-Mage's Robe: -1 SP cost for all spells
m-Cowl of Resistance: 50% magic resistance for hero
m-Cape of Protection: 30% magic resistance for friends
M-Robe of the Guardian: First 3 attacks of combat do no damage to hero
M-Mantle of Spell Turning: 70% magic resistance for hero
R-Neener's Invulnerable Cloak: 100% magic resistance for hero
m-Purse of Penny Pinching: 10% discount on purchased creatures by hero; 
                           no discount on caravan purchases
m-Logbook of the Master Sailor: +25% sea move; with Seamanship skill 
                                +20% attack/defense for hero
T-Apprentice's Book: Contains all 1st level spells
m-Journeyman's Book: Contains all 2nd level spells
M-Master's Spell Book: Contains all 3rd level spells
M-Guildmaster's Compendium: Contains all 4th level spells
R-Archmage's Codex: Contains all 5th level spells
m-Demonary: Double yield on all summon demon spells
M-Tome of Order: Contains all Order spells
M-Tome of Life: Contains all Life spells
M-Tome of Death: Contains all Death spells
M-Tome of Chaos: Contains all Chaos spells
M-Tome of Nature: Contains all Nature spells
M-Fizbin of Misfortune: Casts misfortune on all enemies
M-Shakles of War: No army may surrender or retreat
R-Scarab of Summoning: +100% to Summoning, Raise, and Illusion spells

vii) Neckpiece

m-Amulet of Fear: auto-No Retaliation 
m-Amulet of the Undertaker: +10% necromancy skill -or- basic necromancy
m-Statesman's Medal: +10% to diplomacy skill -or- basic diplomacy
m-Ankh of Life: +5% resurrection skill -or- basic resurrection
m-Necklace of Charm: +5% Charm skill -or- basic charm
m-Druid's Chain: +1 Summoning skill level -or- basic summoning
M-Mirror of Revenge: auto-Magic Mirror

viii) Rings

T-Ring of Strength: +5 melee/range attack
T-Ring of Health: +50% HP for hero
T-Ring of Protection: +20% melee/range defense for friends
T-Warlord's Ring: +20% melee/range attack for friends
T-Wizard's Ring: +5 SP; +1 SP regeneration
m-Ring of Cobra's Eye: Poison-strike
m-Ring of the Elements: Double yield on all summon elemental spells
m-Leprechaun's Ring: +2 luck for friends
m-Ring of Permanency: All friends immune to dispel, cancellation, and 
                      steal enchantment spells
m-Ring of Speed: +2 speed for friends
m-Ring of Lesser Negation: All ward spells are negated
m-Equestrian Gloves: +25% movement over land
M-Ring of Regeneration: +20 HP +2/level/round of combat
R-Ring of Greater Negation: All spell immunities are negated for all 

ix) Headpieces

T-Cap of Knowledge: +5 SP; +1 SP regeneration
T-Helm of Seeing: All friends immune to blind spell
m-Mind Shield: All friends immune to mind spells
m-Crown of Enchantment: hero can cast mind spells on normally immune 
                        creatures, except against Mind Shield
m-Circlet of Wisdom: +10 SP; +2 SP regeneration
m-Magic Amplifier: 33% less SP usage for friendly creatures 
m-Mullich's Helm of Leadership: +2 morale, +1 speed for friends
m-Hideous Mask: auto-fear
M-Helm of Command: +20% melee/range attack/defense; +2 speed for 
M-Helm of Power: +20 SP; 4 Sp regeneration
M-Seaman's Hat: No ship disembarking penalty
R-Supreme Crown of the Magi: +50 SP; 10 SP regeneration

x) Magic Arrows

T-Spider Silk: Bind-strike
T-Arrow of Stunning: stuns target
m-Poison Arrow: Poison-strike
m-Arrow of Slaying: auto-slayer
R-Flaming Arrow: Range attack does fire damage in 3x3 area

D.) Campaign Guide=====================================================


I have recorded my progress through the campaigns available with the 
Heroes of Might and Magic IV, and have made them available for all 
interested parties.  As I venture further into the depths of this great 
game, I'll post my new findings and adventure tips!

i) ---------------------------HALF DEAD--------------------------------

                          Cheated of life,
                     Doomed to empty existence.
                         Gauldoth Half-Dead
                         Returns from ruin
                       To exact his vengeance

This campaign has maps that are very straightforward and not very 
difficult, but not super exciting either.  You'll spend most of your 
time fighting other Death armies, so try to focus primarily on creating 
undead units so Plague is more effective.  I recommend taking the 
Demonologist path, as demons will be very helpful with a solo Gauldoth.  
Try to get Grandmaster Necromancy early to build huge vampire armies, 
and whatever you do, don't get the Nature Summoning skill!  Those units 
will kill your morale and world map movement.  Good skills would be 
Chaos Magic, Nature Magic, Order Magic, Combat, Nobility, or Tactics.  
Kill all armies that come your way, as maximum experience is necessary 
to complete the campaign.  It has a pretty good story line, so enjoy~

Map 1: Eater of Children	(4 Teams)
Capture Vitoss - last town without losing Gauldoth

1) capture Stronghold town --> ignore skeletons and attack!
2) Pursue 2nd town at western side	
   - be sure to pick up resources, but remember, 2nd town is nigh 
     unguarded --> one hero (barbarian)*
3) Underground passage has no other exit, wealthy vault w/ 3rd & 4th 
   level guards
4) Ignore teleporter by 2nd town - no exit
5) Use teleporter by 1st town to capture 3rd (Nature) town
6) 2nd underground passage has artifacts w/ strong guards (~12 bone 
   drags), as well as resources and spell shrines
7) Last town (Order) is heavily guarded, recommend highest level, 
   dozens Cyclops

Map 2: The Fiery Realm	(4 Teams)
Resuce Master Kalibarr - reach prison without losing Gauldoth

1) Quickly follow road to 1st town, you can ditch most of your army!
2) Clear out area before using teleporter
3) With good army, race down road to 2nd town
4) Blue will likely sneak attack through northern side center  
   teleporter exit, so have a back-up hero and army ready
4) 3rd town will fall easily --> follow road
5) Sacrifice 8 bone drags to get access to Green Keymaster's Tent
6) Rush final town - Life - [beware - they mess up death!!] - eastern 
   side center
7) Level Gauldoth to MAX, get blade from quest hut, south side center
8) "Break" blade bottom left corner --> go to devil realm
9) Pickup artifacts as necessary, then prepare for battle!
   - L20 General: 20 BDrags/VenSpwn, Legion Skeletons

Map 3: The Points of Power (POP) (3 Teams)
Flag all 5 Points of Power (tall dark towers w/ spinning gem up top)

1) Use Gauldoth to sweep through area, he should be powerful enough to 
   go solo, especially with demon summoning spells, skills, job bonuses
2) Flag the first POP, pick up army, and approach double garrison
3) Head west towards town, capture, but don't invest too much
4) Bum-rush 2nd town down road to western side of map
   - Exterminate leftovers and flag 2nd POP, upper left corner
6) Begin building up army at beginning town to bolster garrison 
7) Lead Gauldoth south, towards 3rd town, bottom left corner, take town
8) Continue east, flag 3rd POP, southern side center (order matters!)
9) Take town eastern side, 3/4 way down, and quickly follow road 
10)Final town and with a strong hero and large army await!
11)Flag 4th POP, eastern side center (you must flag 3rd before)
12)Travel to middle of map, quest gate - high level, substantial army
13)Final Foe: L25: 25 BoneDrags/VenSpwn, Legion Skeletons
14)Final POP, cool plot twist, VICTORY!
	Its feels so good being so bad!

Map 4: Life and Death	(2 Teams)
Defeat Malvich, Subterranean Hero, without losing Gauldoth

1) Use Gauldoth to flag mines and hurry to 1st town
2) Clear out surrounding area before attacking garrison
3) Capture 2nd town and mines (build new ones if you like)
4) Attack 2nd garrison and hurry onto 3rd town
5) Follow road past 3rd garrison and onto 4th town, bottom right corner
6) Attack 5th town, eastern central (north of 4th town) - tougher town
7) Go underground, north of 5th town, and attack 6th town, past the gate 
   and surrounded by death fields - tougher town
8) Send a new hero to the red keymaster's tent, northwest of 6th town
9) Go through red gate and around tunnels to last town and find 7th town
10) All you need to do is defeat Malvich, a LEV 24 Assassin, victory

Map 5: The Unholy Breath	(2 Teams)
Defeat Kalibarr and Capture Necorrum
* This map is a little weird as its landscape will change with certain 

1) Run around and pick up resources and use skeletons/gargoyles to 
   build army
2) Clear out area, and grab army before entering portal (disappears 
   after use)
3) Run north and get resources and units, then grab army and turn south 
   to gate
4) Take town quickly, build up (I recommend building the devil factoy), 
   and also buy blacksmith for Potions of Immortality, then go to quest 
   hut for new hero
5) Quickly clear out area, get army, and go to teleporter (east), and 
   assault town
6) This is the hardest battle of the campaign, as Malvich is a LEV 29 
   Reaver, with basically all the most heinous death magic spells, and 
   a long time to build up an equally heinous army, Hand of Death (HOD) 
   him quickly - use summon creature, potions of immortality until 
   enemy army is dwindling, then HOD Venom Spawns to oblivion!

ii) ------------------------Elwin and Shaera---------------------------

            The self-proposed Don Juan of the Elvish Kingdom
                  Struggles to deal with a new world
                    He must fight as never before
                For LOVE, RESPECT, and SWEET THREADS!

This campaign's maps start off difficult, but get much easier. Elwin, 
being a Druid, has few worthwhile career paths. I started off by 
beefing up his Tactics skill, making him a Warden for defensive bonus. 
So the best skills to get are Nature magic, Chaos Magic, Life Magic, 
Tactics, and Combat (to keep Elwin alive!!). There isn't much advanced 
magic available, the first 4th Level spells aren't available until Map 
3, and there are tons of Nature magic power-ups on map 2, so focus on 
military skills, Chaos magic, or Life magic on map 1 and map 2. Nature 
magic has great summoning spells (once I got Summon Fire Elemental, I 
was nigh invincible - too bad there isn't a Elementalist class!). 
However, by the time you're about halfway through map 3, and have good 
levels in the 3 magics, you'll be promoted to Archmage (sweet). 

Map 1: The Lovers      (3 Teams)
Find Shaera's father, by passing through quest gate

1) Get Equestrian Gloves & units, then take town
2) Quickly move onto capture 2nd town to east
3) Follow road north and east to underground passage
   - Get nature magic skill from altar first
4) Go north, use teleporter and visit orange keymaster tent
5) Exit underground, go through orange gate, and take Asylum
   - you can kill Sorcerer to south of underground passage
   - he has a Ring of Strength which you can trade for Stun Arrow
   - Go through blue gate, to get resources, spell, and chests
   - Ignore town north of underground passage, hard/pointless to take
6) Follow road north from Asylum, and take Preserve
7) Follow road east and take Stronghold
8) Move past to east, ignoring last town
9) Go through quest gate for victory!
   - there are several Chaos Magic Altars, but you probably will be too  
     slow to take them before them enemy

Map 2: Mark of the Tiger    (6 Teams)
Capture all towns and defeat all armies (except teal)
* No kidding Mark of the Tiger, eeeewwwww!
* don't kill White Tiger teal armies or else
* many bandits protecting resources, so lone sprites will die quick
* there are many opportunities to bolster Nature Magic skill, so try to 
  complete quests or else they'll be worthless

1) Quickly follow bridges east, then north
   - get mines, complete woodpile quest for nature skill, then go   
     through western teleporter
2) Rally north, then west, complete another nature skill woodpile quest
3) Capture Preserve to west, going above quest gate to west
   - clear out area (both Dragon gates lead back to beginning town)
4) Now, go either south or south-east to next two towns
5) Depending on previous choice, go to next town
   - I did the Preserve (center) first to bolster my forces
6) Now, you can either eliminate other towns (four more), or treasure 
   hunt northern side of map, which I opted for to give my opponents a 
   couple extra turns to build up, meaning more EXP for Elwin. Anyways, 
   there aren't any really good powerups to get, so no big hurry
   - Be sure not to leave beginning town unguarded as it WILL be 
     ambushed, several times probably due to easy access from gates
7) Now return to beginning town, pick up army (which you should have 
   build up through caravans) and go through eastern teleporter
8) Take Asylum town, get resources, battle guardians, then go south
9) Take another Asylum town, and go through quest gate to finish off 
   last group of trolls, but don't use teleporter - goes home
10)Visit quest cave, and learn about underground Necromancers
11)Go subterranean with decent army, and finish off Death army, victory

Map 3: True Love       (3 Teams)
Construct Mirror of True Love (complete 4 quests in order)
* This map is lots of fun, running around fighting battles and taking 
  massive amounts of towns
* The quests must be completed in order
* To find the next quest, simply use the nearby Window of the Magi
* I basically used Elwin solo to clear the entire map, but worked on 
  building a huge army to combat final army at the end

1) Quickly take town to north
2) Visit Alchemist twice to open path
   - Find Potions of Mirth, Quickness, Resistance, and Endurance
3) Go south to pick up resources and Potions
4) Head north, clear out entire area, then have Elwin take the potions 
   back to the Alchemist
5) Hurry north through Blue gate and take next town
6) Next quest hut is north of this town, Jeweler needs 40 gems
7) Flag all the gem mines you see, and get Gem Casket artifact
8) Follow road south, picking up resources and fighting along the way
   - leave dual teleporters for the time being
9) Take town far to the south
10)Head south west to next town
11)Use nearby teleporter to ambush another town
   - Ignore quest gate, has to do with last of four quests
12)Head south west to next town
13)Then north west to another town, easily taken
14)Now, hit up dual teleporters westward, Level 4 creatures await
15)Once done, follow west road north to final town (!)
  - By this time, you should have 40 gems without having to trade away 
    all your other resources, so compete Jeweler's quest
16)Rally over to 3rd quest hut, nearby shoreline town, he needs 10K gold
17)The next quest is at a cave at the eastern end of the shore
   - you need to return to the quest gate and conquer the town there
   - do not to remove the Black Dragon from your Elwin, or game over
18)Return dragon to cave, VICTORY!!

Map 4: Reflections       (4 Teams)
Find Mirilass and Capture Harke Manor
* This map is large, and has many treasure troves, only accessible by 
  teleporter - try to get them all!
* Your are limited to some obscenely high level, and you'll probably 
  get nowhere near it, but try to get as much EXP as possible
* You shouldn't need the help of an army, at least until the last fight

1) Follow road across bridge and further west until you reach the Life 
   Magic power-up, unless you're already maxed in Life Magic
2) Return east and take Preserve town (same as all other towns!)
   - Go over nearby bridge and flag all mines
3) Go back west and loop around until entire area is cleared out
   - End up back at beginning town, with built up Level 5 Mage Guild, 
     as the super Summoning spells will be very necessary
4) Go north (teleporters lead to treasure troves) and take next town
5) Clear out area and continue westward
6) Take another town, and use teleporter to find Mantis Hive
7) Continue west, then south to next town
8) Go further south until you reach the road, and take another town
9) Enter quest gate, and get ambushed
   - I had no problem going in solo along with all my summoned units
10)Use dragon gate to head back north, and attack Harke Manor
   - If you have a decent army waiting, you should be able to catch the 
     enemy army outside city limits, but I kinda like fighting them 
     inside their own walls, bottled up, with no where to go, that way 
     I have more control over the flow of battle.  VICTORY!!

Map 5: Together
Defeat Lord Harke
* Omigosh! Lord Harke is Level 39! No matter, my swarms of Phoenixes   
  and Faerie Dragons will make short work of this treacherous dog!!
* I found this map very difficult, as the Red army has several very 
  high level summoners that summon some heinous units. One tactic is to  
  totally ignore the summon creatures in battle, kill the summoner and 
  whatever real army he has, then it will be a stalemate, as his 
  summoned creatures will vanish once your own units perish. 
* There are several weeks worth of power-ups through a northern 
  teleporter, so be sure you have Aranorn well fortified before sending 
  Elwin off to become G*D-like! I'll go into further detail about all 
  the power-ups as it becomes pertinent.
1) Go southwest, hit pave road and capture first town
   - Be sure to grab Gramin, use him to flag mines once guardians die
2) Head east and take north road after 2nd teleporter exit
3) Capture another town, flag mines and clear area as necessary
4) Head past ore mine, and start heading north
5) Capture a 3rd town
   - Here you can either clear out area or use teleporter to get pumped
**Power-Up Bonanza** 
   - Small Island (SSE): Flaming Sword, Breastplate of Regeneration, 
     Helm of Power, Mirror of Revenge, Emerald Longbow, Dragon Scale   
     Shield, all guarded by Level 4 creatures
   - Bottom east: Nature Magic Shrines, 2 Nature Magic Skill 
     power-ups, as well as Griffin Cliff and Unicorn Glade
   - East side central: Magic Forest (Faerie Dragon), Pyre (Phoenix), 2 
     Chaos Magic Skill power-ups, Chaos Magic Shrines, treasure
   - ???: Life Magic Shrines, 2 Life Magic Skill power-ups, 
     2 Tactics Skill power-ups, 2 Combat Skill power-ups, Veteran's 
     Guild (random non-magic skill), and a Library (magic skill)..Phew!
   - Western central: Band of Phoenixes, Flaming Sword, Lion's Shield 
     of Courage, treasure
6) Now that you're totally armed and powered-up, follow road south 
   through teal territory
7) There are several towns to capture, do so, but your victory is near
8) Attack Lord Harke and his army, which isn't too hairy, but be sure 
   to have Gramin and some other good units (Faerie and Drags, Phoenix)
   - Kill his Life Mage early, as she will make his troops sturdier
9) Now, you must go to Shaera, so visit keymaster tent, go through 
   teleporter, go to next keymaster tent then head back towards Aranorn
10)You will lose if you choose the wrong boat, I chose the Blue gate, 
   and was right, but I'm not positive if its 100%, so save first!

More to come soon!!


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