Heroes of Might and Magic IV
                                   Order Guide
                           Version 1.1 2:27 PM 4/22/2002

Table of Contents

1.  Legal Stuff
2.  Version History
3.  Introduction
4.  Town Tree
5.  Order Units
6.  Strategies
7.  Useful Skills to learn
8.  Strategies against other clans
9.  Spells
10. Cheats
11. Special thanks

1. Legal Stuff

	This FAQ is Copyright 2002- Mikko Oribiana. This FAQ may not be 
copied, edited and no information may not be taken out from this FAQ without
my permission. If you want to put this FAQ on your website then email me. If
I see my FAQ copied and If you did not tell me about it, then YOU WILL BE 

	Duplication of this document is allowed only if you have asked 
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If you plan to post this in other web sites, please notify me... BTW, this 
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	Uhm, don't be angry with me if some of the information here is 
false, uncreditable or biased... They are all based on my experience and are
all in my own opinion... Some of the data and information here are taken 
from the HMM4 manual and Unit Reference...
2. Version History

Version 1.0		- This is the first issue of this faq... So there 
			are some typographical errors. There are still
			some data errors.
Version 1.1		- Well this is the updated one, updated this April 
			22, 2002. Well I fixed some errors, added the 
			Version History section, Campaign Story and the 
			Town Structure section. Also add

3. Introduction

	Well first, why did I write this faq? Well as I was browsing 
GAMEFAQS, and searched for HMM4 it only showed that there are three faqs and
they are the Chaos, Death and Unit Faqs which upset me... Well it is so 
unfair for there is no Order FAQ so I decided to make this one for the 
benefit of those who like to use Order Clan, like me...

	Well I like the Order Clan because I have seen them the aura of the
Tower Power in HHMM3 which is so true for they have the old creatures. They
pulled out the gremlins and replaced them with the halflings, they switched
the gargolyes (which is now in Death Clan) with the Dwarves (formerly of the
HMM3 Rampart) and the rest are the same old creatures. Well some of them 
have been degraded and upgraded...

	I chose and I like them because they actually require the most 
skills and wits to be used effectively... Generally, you really have to have
a good strategy on your army or else they will crush you like bug. Order's
Clan are not melee fighters but they're ranged and spell caster which enable
them to kill their opponents at great distances and even not harming them at
all... Still, you really need wits for you must know who should attack who
when you should attack, what to cast and dispose, and finally learning how 
to deal with enemies/opponents in various situations....

	Well I hope after reading this faq, you can handle well the Order 
Clan. Please remember that these faq is the summation of my experiences, 
opinions, tips from my friends and manuals/faqs that I have read. So do not
blame me if some of the information are untrue. It's fine with me if you
disagree. Anyway if you have any comments, suggestions or topics that you 
want me know, please email me at Mikko_00@Yahoo.com

3. Campaign Story

	After the Sword of Frost and Sword of Armageddon clashed in battle,
the Recknoning took over all of Erathia's plane. Under supreme chaos, some
still managed to live another life... They have stepped up into a portal 
which leads into another world... Well starting over is just as easy at it 
seems but actually it's much harder than you think... They have to rebuild 
they homes, their kingdoms, themselves. They have to establish new set of
rules to establish Order... 

	A girl, a glassblower and a daughter of an alchemist is one of the
survivors. She may not have survived the after effects of the reckoning if
not for the help of an old woman who took her in. Years have passed and the
girl was known as Emilia, a girl who thirst for justice and fair trial. 
After some time, she decided to establish a kingdom of order, fair trial for
both evil and good, justice for all. This started the birth of the Order 
Clan. But how was she to start her dream? Well she walks and strolls around
trying to persuade the townspeople to believe her. After a while, she
convinced a small group of dwarves the halflings. But she thinks that this 
are not enough to conquer and bring peace to their place. She still has some
adversaries to defeat in order to bring temporary chaos in the land. The are
the Barbarian king and a wealthy governor who tries to overrule the land. 
After... (to be continued

4. Town Tree
                           |               |                          |
           TOWN        HALFLING         DWARVEN       INSTITUTE       |
           HALL        BURROW           MINES         OF MAGIC        |
            |              |_______OR______| _____________|           |
            |               _______|_______  |            |           |
            |              |               | |            |           |
         TREASURY       GOLEM              MAGE       CLERICAL     CITADEL
            |          FACTORY            TOWER       LIBRARY         |
            |              |_______OR______| |            |           |
            |_____________  _______|_______  |____________|           |
                         | |               | |                        |
UNIVERSITY ALCHEMIST's  GOLDEN            ALTAR                    CASTLE
    |         SHOP     PAVILLION        OF WISHES                     |
    |__________|_________  |_______OR______|                          |
                         |  _______|_______  _________________________|
                         | |               | |
                        DRAGON            CLOUD
                        FACTORY           CASTLE

5. Order Units

	Order units are not that muscular and beefy (weakness), so dont 
expect them to be brutal or mass killers, but if used properly the are one 
of the toughest party in the game...  Their strength is in the field of long
range combat but to use them to their fullest, one must be very good and use
his brains in combat or else they are just a bunch of weenies waiting to be
massacred... They are deadly because of 2 ranged attackers, deadlier because
2 spellcasters and deadliest when complimented with our order spells, which 
makes them generally untouchable in field combat. 

                                  -Level One-


Level              :  1
Damage             :  2-3
Hitpoints          :  12
Attack             :  11
Defense            :  11 
Move               :  5
Speed              :  4
Shots              :  0
Weekly Growth      :  18
In Town            :  Yes
Special Abilities  :  50% magic resistance

	Dwarves are too slow to contribute damage, they are also so slow 
and fragile which makes them very vulnerbale but they are good frontal 
characters. Why? Read above. It is because they are primarily your 
"waste creatures". They are basically the shield of your projectile units, 
or to be more specific, your halflings... NEVER charge your dwarves in 
battle! Remember, their only purpose is to block the retaliation of the 
projectiles! Just keep them at bay and always defend.


Level              :  1
Damage             :  1-2
Hitpoints          :  8
Attack             :  10
Defense            :  10 
Move               :  5
Speed              :  6
Shots              :  10
Weekly Growth      :  23
In Town            :  Yes
Special Abilities  :  GiantSlayer

	Halflings in my opinion are one of the most valuable creatures in
HMM4... Why? First they are ranged attackers!!! They can attack in great
distances away from the enemy!!! Next they can be generated in town and 
they reproduce rapidly!!! Lastly, they have the innate spell of 
Giantslayer!!! It is VERY VALUABLE in defeating those pesky Level 4 
creatures especially your alter ego, Chaos Order- Black Dragon... Always 
keep these midgets in the back row, preferably the Dwarves in their front 
and shoot all the way!!!...

                                  -Level Two-


Level              :  2
Damage             :  8-12
Hitpoints          :  50
Attack             :  16
Defense            :  16 
Move               :  6
Speed              :  3
Shots              :  0
Weekly Growth      :  6
In Town            :  Yes
Special Abilities  :  75% magic resistance, Mechanical

	Gold Golem should be placed again in the frontal row... because they
are generally tough and they do not go down very easily!... Why? They have a 
nice defense rating, have average hitpoints and their special abilities 
makes them nearly invulnerable to magic attacks... Usually, I trade this of 
with the Mage but if you ever pick them, consider them only as back up 
fighters or support only!!! Never make them attack alone!!!


Level              :  2
Damage             :  3-4
Hitpoints          :  16
Attack             :  6
Defense            :  12 
Move               :  6
Speed              :  5
Shots              :  0
Weekly Growth      :  8
In Town            :  Yes
Special Abilities  :  Spell Caster

	Magi are useful creatures for they have good special ability!!! Even
though they are one of those degraded characters, their spell casting 
ability paid for it... They have diverse selection of spell at their.
disposal... They can cast blur, slow, curse, raise skeleton, poison and 
magic fist... They are not a good source of damage but they are regarded as
support forces. One general use of the Magi are the poison ability! This 
indirect damage spell is simply invaluable during a siege because you can 
damage those creatures  or heroes who are behind the castle walls... Slow 
and curse can be used in combat but I usually use slow, and in end games I 
just use their magic fist for I leave the "Slowing" of enemies to the hero, 
hopefully using one of my favorite spell, mass slow... Magi should be placed
on the back row obviously! (just reminding you....)

                                  -Level Three-


Level              :  3
Damage             :  9-12
Hitpoints          :  60
Attack             :  10
Defense            :  18 
Move               :  10
Speed              :  6
Shots              :  0
Weekly Growth      :  6
In Town            :  Yes
Special Abilities  :  Spell Caster, Flying

	Genies... I LOVE THEM!!! They look and function differently now, for
they have become more offensive now which give them a slight edge over the 
nagas... I love them and consider more useful than Nagas and even the 
Titans... Why? They have really good abilities, they can cast Ice bolt, the 
highest direct damaging spell of the Order Clan, which you practically 
depend on together with the shots of the Titans... They can cast Song of 
Peace which is again very useful in some situations (to be discussed later).
They have some good support spells like Mirth and Create Illusion... These 
are one of the creatures you have to really take good care of for you will 
depend on them... You may consider putting them in the rightmost position of
your army but in my opinion should be placed in the back row for extra care.


Level              :  3
Damage             :  14-22
Hitpoints          :  90
Attack             :  22
Defense            :  22 
Move               :  7
Speed              :  7
Shots              :  0
Weekly Growth      :  4
In Town            :  Yes
Special Abilities  :  No retaliation

	Nagas... well all I can say is that if you ever pick them, they will
serve as one of your front attacker. But, BUT they are not those type of
creature you should immediately send in the battlefield, their strategy is
"Viper Hunting"... Well they have above average hitpoint, nice defense 
and attack which will satisfy you enough for your main melee direct damage..
Obviously put them on the front row...

                                  -Level Four-

Level              :  4
Damage             :  36-55
Hitpoints          :  220
Attack             :  34
Defense            :  34 
Move               :  12
Speed              :  9
Shots              :  0
Weekly Growth      :  2
In Town            :  Yes
Special Abilities  :  First strike, Negate First Strike, Mechanical

	Dragon Golems (if you consider picking them) would be your best 
attacking creature but again their attack strategy is "Viper Hunting". They
are closed match with the Titans but they are better at speed and movement 
than the Titan. They have a high hitpoint and high defense making them 
tough and they deal nice damage, have a high attack rating and the special 
ability first strike and negate first strike making them your beefy 
fighters, they sure stand out as one of the force to be reckoned during 
combat... Obviously, they should be placed in the front row...


Level              :  4
Damage             :  34-50
Hitpoints          :  210
Attack             :  32
Defense            :  32 
Move               :  7
Speed              :  6
Shots              :  15
Weekly Growth      :  2
In Town            :  Yes
Special Abilities  :  No melee penalty, Chaos ward

	Titans are bad ass Level 4 Ranged attackers which shoot like hell, 
has no melee penalty usually pisses of your enemies and even opponents!!! 
IMO they have the edge over the Dragon Golems because they are ranged.Well 
they are your second source of direct damage...  Well they deal nasty 
damage- ranged and even melee (I personally prefer ranged...). They are 
tough and generally one of the bane of Chaos Clan... Keep them towering in 
the front row and they will be dominating the game in no time... 

6. Strategies


	Well basically there are two types of army you can choose to build 
while using Order Clan... They are the Untouchables and the Vipers. Well
the Untouchables are easier to use and they are guaranteed to be effective, 
the Vipers on the other hand is harder to use but is also as efficient as 
the Untouchables.


	Well the Untouchable army make use of the Dwarves, Halflings, Mages,
Genies and Titans, well they are generally long ranged and spell casters
except the Dwarves of course. Well their strength if of course in the long
ranged battles and there weakness is direct and melee damage... Well they
are very effective against those enemies with low move points and they are
somewhat in trouble to those who are fast enough to bring you in close 
combat but this has a solution. 

	Playing this army means you prefer long range fighting and not melee
combat, compliments of this army are of course items that help improve long
range damage and finally the spells. Spells like Precision, Mass Precision, 
Bless and Mass Bless give them the muscles and beefes them. Slow, Mass Slow,
Blind, Hypnotize delays their movement drastically. Displacement and 
Teleport are used for the positiong of your enemies which you will
definitely use. Blur, Mass Blur and Forgetfulness (so they can't counter 
attack) makes them receive less damage, Illusion and Phantom Image untargets
your creaures making them receive less damage in some point.

	Their exact position in you army should be:

	Hero		Dwarves		Titans		Miscellaenous
	Mage		Halflings	Genies

	The Hero is placed in the front because in battle, the Mage is
usually one of the last targets in combat so they won't be attacked directly
making you safe... Well the Dwarves are in front of the Halflings so they 
receive the damage of the retailing projectiles instead of the Halflings.
The Titans infront of the Genies. Expect your opponent to take out the 
Genies first so  you need a wall to shield them and the Titans fit perfectly
in this job for the Titans are tough, hard to take down and easily 
demolishes approaching enemies.


	Well the viper army consists of the Dwarves, Halflings, Gold 
Golems, Nagas and Dragon Golems. Well the Viper army is harder to use 
because their forte is in Melee and Direct damage which we all know is not 
the strength of the Order Clan... Well they are harder to handle because 
you really must have tactics to use them effectively. Well they are called 
Vipers because they attack like Vipers and how does Vipers attack? They 
attack after their prey has moved... This is called Viper attacking... You 
must attack after your enemies have moved, AND you must attack and take down
one enemy at a time. Why? It is simply because the Vipers cannot handle 
multiple enemies in combat so you need to take them down one by one. 

	The compliments of this army is of course accesories, weapons and
items that improved melee damage, attack and defense rating and the spells 
of course. Spells like Bless and Mass Bless gives them the muscles and 
beefens them up. Slow and Mass Slow to control the approach of your enemies.
Displacement if used correctly can slow your opponents to, try using it to
send enemies backward. Teleport is used to Teleport enemies even your own 
army to their proper locations. Teleport used in enemies should be used if 
and only if you have too many opponents nearing your own creatures, send 
the  teleported opponents to the farthest location the battlefield can 
handle so you won't have to worry them for a while.

	Their exact position in your army should be:

	Dwarves		Gold Golems	Dragon Golem	Nagas
	Halflings			Hero

	Well again the Dwarves infront of the Halflings to shield your 
insy winsy Halflings from the retaliating projectiles. Dragon Golems in 
between the Gold Golems and Nagas so the Dragon Golems can support them in 
case any of them needs assist or support. Your hero definitely in the back
for protection.

7. Useful Skills to Learn


	You need this because it really helps if you have a nice town 
economy. It gives you the advantage in Income, Resources and Creature 
Growth. whou wouldn't want an extra Titan?

Grand Master Nobility: 
	Grandmaster Nobility Grandmaster Nobility increases all creature
growth by 50% in the town that recognizes the hero as its governor.

Grand Master Estate: 
	Grandmaster Estates gives the hero the ability to produce an extra 
500 gold per day for their kingdom, plus 10% per level of the hero.

Grand Master Mining: 
	Grandmaster Mining allows the hero to produce 4 each of wood and 
ore, and 6 other resources, plus 10% per level of the hero, over a 5 day 
period. The 6 other resources cycle 1 each through gems, mercury, sulfur, 
and crystals - in that order.

Grand Master Diplomacy: 
	Grandmaster Diplomacy gives the hero the ability to convince 70% of 
greatly outnumbered hostile creatures to desert for a price. The hero can 
sway no more than 600 experience points of creatures, plus 10% per level of 
the hero. Also, the cost of surrendering is 50% of normal.


	You need to learn this because you definitely need order magic to
help you dominate the battlefield. It is also important because it lessens
the volume of the army you will be battling and even sway some of them to
join your side.

Grandmaster Order Magic: 
	Grandmaster Order Magic gives the hero the ability to cast Level 
Five Order Magic spells.

Grandmaster Enchantment:
	Grandmaster Enchantment gives the hero 50 Spell Points and increases
Spell Point recovery by 10 per day. It is one of the requirements for
Grandmaster Order Magic.

Grandmaster Wizardry 
	Grandmaster Wizardry increases the effectiveness of Order Magic 
spells by 100%. It is one of the requirements for Grandmaster Order Magic.

Grandmaster Charm: 
	Grandmaster Charm allows the hero to convert 35% of greatly 
outnumbered hostile creatures to his side. The hero can convert no more than
300 experience points of creatures, plus 10% per level of the hero. The cost
of surrendering is 65% of normal.

				Life Magic

	You need this so you can take care of your army. Healing and 
protection your creatures in army is a must. Resurrection helps you to 
recover in those dreadful combat wherein many of your army is slain.

Grandmaster Life Magic:
	Grandmaster Life Magic gives the hero the ability to cast Level Five
Life Magic spells.

Grandmaster Healing:
	Grandmaster Healing gives the hero 50 Spell Points and increases 
Spell Point recovery by 10 per day. It is one of the requirements for
Grandmaster Life Magic.

Grandmaster Spirituality: 
	Grandmaster Spirituality increases the effectiveness of Life Magic 
spells by 100%. It is one of the requirements for Grandmaster Life Magic.

Grandmaster Resurrection:
	Grandmaster Resurrection allows the hero to resurrect 50% of the 
friendly creatures who die in combat. Undead, mechanical and elemental
creatures cannot be resurrected.

	You need this to have an advantage in combat. It helps your army
in offense and defense. It gives them priority. Who wouldn't want to be 
first one to strike and deal damage?

Grandmaster Tactics:
	Grandmaster Tactics gives all friendly creatures +5 speed and +6 

Grandmaster Offense:	
	Grandmaster Offense gives all friendly creatures +50% to their 
Melee and Ranged Attack.

Grandmaster Defence:
	Grandmaster Defence increases the Melee and Ranged Defence of all 
friendly creatures by 50%.

Grandmaster Leadership: 
	Grandmaster Leadership gives all friendly creatures +5 morale and 
+5 luck.

	Well these are the only skills you really have to learn. The last 
skill is up to you. You can learn Scouting to give you extra movement and
safety while traveling. Combat to beefen your Hero so he wont die easily.
Well the remaining Magic Skills also help, but IMO Chaos would be a great
help although it is hard to learn.

8. Strategies against other Clans

CAST IS MASS SLOW so you will have a great advantage over your enemies. Then
you can decide whether to cast Ice bolt or use your "delaying tactics" such 
as Blind, Hypnotize, Forgetfulness. After this you may cast your bless 
spells which are at the lowest priority

	Take out their Angels first for they can resurrect dead allies. 
Afterwards their Monks, Ballista then Archer, then the remaining forces. 
Don't dispel their bless spells right away, REMEMBER you have the Steal All
Enchanment Spell which will make them curse you... NASTY!!! but if you don't
have the spell then you may consider dispelling it... : )

	Wow! Mirror Match, well what you basically need to do is use kill 
the Hypnotize, Blind or Song of Peace the Genies, Kill The Titans or
Dragon Golems, then the Mage, Halflings then the dwarves... use 
FORGETFULNESS on the Titans if possible.

	Kill first their hero!!! If you do not do this, expect your army
to be toasted... They have very damaging direct damage spells... Implosion,
Disintigrate, Chain Lightning can vanquish your army in no time so kill
it first or you'll be sorry. Next is the Black Dragons, they can toast your 
units so quickly and they cant be affected by any harmful spells so 
concentrate on killing it next. Well after that, the Medusas for it may kill
your hero, the Efreet or Nightmare, then the remaining spells... Remember 
Efreet is a fire Elemental so your Ice Bolt spell here will be very juicy...

	Damn Nature units they have so many units that they can hire
from their Creature Portal. Well take out their Level 4 creatures, then the
archer, then the rest is just easy... The Faerie Dragon is one Bad Ass 
creature so you really need to kill it first, remember it has Magic Mirror
Spell so don't attack it with your Genies, Mage and your own Magic... Cast 
Mass Precision and let your Titans and Halflings do the job...

	Well, all they have is a 10% Magic Dampener. Take the Thunderbirds 
if ever they have it.. Then take out the Cyclops next for they can be a real
threat to you... The rest is just easy. Not bragging, but I consider might
as the least threat of all the enemies...

	Well I just hate them, Again take out the VAMPIRES first, then the
Level 4 then the Ghost, and the rest is easy... Uhm be wary that they have
mass indirect damage spells so you better ready your mass dispel...

9. Spells 


Blur			1 	2 	Blur obscures the target's true 
					position, increasing its Ranged 
					Defence by 50%.

Dispel	 		1 	2 	Dispel removes all spells from the 

Displacement	 	1 	2 	Displacement causes the	target to 
					move 2 yards in a direction of the 
					caster's choice, if possible.

Magic Fist 		1 	2 	Magic Fist does a number of points 
					of damage based on the level of the 
					caster to a single target within the
					line of sight of the caster.

Precision 		1 	2 	Precision increases the target's 
					Ranged Attack by 25%, and also gives
					the target no penalty for range, 
					walls or obstacles.

Visions		 	1 	2 	Visions shows you the exact number 
					of troops in an army on the 
					Adventure Map and reveals the 
					skills of an enemy hero.

Cowardice 		2 	3 	Cowardice makes the target unable to
					attack an enemy with more total Hit
					Points for 3 turns.

Flight	 		2	3 	Flight grants a friendly target the
					ability to fly until the end of 

Ice Bolt 			2 	3 	Ice Bolt does a number of points of 
					cold damage based on the level of 
					the caster to a single target within
					the line of sight of the caster.

Create Illusion		2 	3 	Create Illusion forms a duplicate of
					the creature with a number of Hit 
					Points based on the level of the 

Slow			2 	3 	Slow causes the enemy target to move
					at half	speed and movement.

Power Drain 		2 	3 	Power Drain causes the target's 
					spells to cost double the normal 
					Spell Points.

Steal Enchantment 		2 	3 	Steal Enchantment removes a 
					beneficial spell from an enemy 
					target and places it on a random 
					friendly target.

Banish 			3 	5 	Banish destroys a number of summoned
					creatures based on the caster's

Forgetfulness 		3 	5 	Forgetfulness restrains an enemy 
					target from using ranged attacks for
					the duration of the combat.
Mass Dispel 		3 	5 	Mass Dispel removes all spells from 
					all targets.

Mass Precision 		3 	5 	Mass Precision increases the Ranged 
					Attack of all friendly ranged 
					targets by 25%, and also gives the
					target no penalty for range, walls 
					or obstacles.

Mass Blur 		3 	5 	Mass Blur obscures the true 
					position of all friendly targets, 
					increasing their Ranged Defence by 

Teleport 			3 	5 	Teleport instantly moves the target 
					to another designated point on the

Town Gate 		3 	5 	Town Gate transports the caster to 
					the nearest town.

Berserk			4 	8 	Berserk forces the target to attack 
					the nearest creature or hero, 
					whether friend or foe. It lasts 
					until the target attacks.

Blind			4 	8 	Blind causes an enemy target within 
					the line of sight of the caster to
					become unable to take an action for 
					3 rounds. It is dispelled if the 
					target takes damage.

Phantom Image		4 	8 	Phantom Image creates a duplicate of
					a single creature. The strength of
					the image depends on the caster's 

Mass Slow			4 	8 	Mass Slow causes all enemy targets 
					to move at half speed and movement.

Hypnotise			5 	12 	Hypnotise brings the target under 
					the caster's control for 3 turns.

Pain Mirror		5 	12 	Pain Mirror causes half the damage 
					done to a friendly target to be done
					to the attacker as well. The 
					reflected damage cannot exceed the 
					Hit Points of the target.

Steal All Enchantments 	5 	12 	Steal All Enchantments causes all 
					beneficial enchantments on enemy
					targets to be removed and 
					distributed randomly among friendly

10. Cheats

Cheat Codes 
During game, hit [TAB] and type any one of those cheats, then press [Enter].

Cheat Description 

nwcAmbrosia 		- free materials 
nwcGoSolo			- auto play 
nwcAres 			- win combat 
nwcAchilles 		- lose combat 
nwcHephaestus 		- elven chainmail 
nwcEtTuBrute 		- dagger of despair 
nwcExcalibur 		- ring of greater negation 
nwcNibelungenlied 		- sword of the gods 
nwcTristram 		- crusaders 
nwcLancelot 		- champions 
nwcStMichael 		- angels 
nwcSevenLittleGuys 	- dwarves 
nwcMerlin 		- magi 
nwcCronus 		- titans 
nwcBlahBlah 		- vampires 
nwcHades 			- devils 
nwcUnderTheBridge 		- trolls 
nwcKingMinos 		- minotaur 
nwcXanthus 		- nightmares 
nwcFafnir 		- black dragons 
nwcDoYouSmellBrownies 	- sprites 
nwcFenrir 		- wolves 
nwcFixMyShoes 		- elves 
nwcTheLast 		- unicorn 
nwcRa 			- phoenix 
nwcValkyries 		- ogre magi 
nwcGrendel 		- behemoth 
nwcPoseidon 		- sea monster 
nwcPrometheus 		- shroud fow 
nwcAthena 		- gain skill 
nwcThoth 			- increase level 
nwcIsis 			- learn spells 
nwcRagnarok 		- lose scenario 
nwcHermes 		- unlimited movement 
nwcValhalla 		- win scenario 
nwcSacrificeToTheGods 	- max luck 
nwcSphinx 		- reveal puzzle map 
nwcAphrodite 		- tatooed white trash 
nwcImAGod 		- access cheat menu 
nwcPan 			- max morale 
nwcCityOfTroy 		- build all buildings 
nwcOldMan			- old man jack 

11. Special Thanks

3DO and New World Computing -Thanks to them we got another highly addictive
                             game of Heroes of Might and Magic.

CJayC                       -Without him there would be no gamefaqs.com

Randvek 		    	-Some of the information in this FAQ are taken 
(randvek@darkholy.com)      from his.
 		             Thanks man....

Paul Lasica                 -I copied his format for the FAQ, some of the
(wiz79@hotmail.com)          the information again are taken from him...

Bobby the Vermin            -One of the reasons why I made this FAQ is for
                             him so he has an Idea how to play the Order
                             clan... Thanks for being the best bud....

www.GAMEFAQS.com            -this will always be the source of my Game Faqs.
		             Thanks to who ever owns the site...

NetherMagic and             -for providing the cheats....

Kevin, Kuya Mark, Tonton    -it's always fun being with you guys....
Alvin, Olifer, Michael,
Lester, Raniel

You!!!                      -Well I want to thank you so much for reading
		             This, well I feel so accomplished after 
                             finishing this FAQ, it's my first and I am so
                             proud of IT...
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